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Emily is a Primary School teacher by trade who has been training dogs since she was 18, and has many years experience competing and training in the sport of agility.
Notably, with her  Australian Shepherd Mallei – Ag. Ch Silvanwood Commanche ADM JDM ADO JDO SPDM SD GDX HT, Emily was accepted into the ‘State Trials’ Top 10 Runoff 3 years in a row, coming 2nd in Agility in 2009. In 2007 she competed for the Victorian team at the Advance Nationals in Adelaide, and in 2008 she competed for the Victorian team at the Nationals in Melbourne. Mallei was the 2nd dog in Victoria to gain his Agility Championship, and the first Australian Shepherd in the country to receive this title!

In Australia, Emily was successfully competing with both her Australian Shepherd Lumen, and her Border Collie Loki, before she moved to Europe.

Since then she has competed and trained all throughout the continent with (and against!) some of the best in the world.

Highlights include:

Competing for Team Australia at WAO 2018

Being the first Australian to compete at European Open, 2018

Being the first Australian to compete at the FCI Agility World Championships, 2018

Please see the FAQ for more information!

Since arriving in Europe, Emily has had the opportunity to train with:

Katarina Podlipnik - Multiple times 2018 (Slovenia) (+online running contact class)

Maruša Podjed - Multiple times 2018 (Slovenia)

Isabelle Orenius Emanuelsson - July 2018 (Sweden)

Jouni Orenius - July 2018 (Sweden)

Monika Rylska - July 2018 (in Sweden)

Juha Orenius - July 2018 (in Sweden)

Zeljko Gora - March 2018 (Croatia)

Nina Gregl - March 2018 (Croatia)

Krisztina Beitl-Kabai – February 2nd 2018  & May 12th 2018 (Germany)

Alexander Beitl & Krisztina Beitl-Kabai – January 27/28th 2018 (Germany)

Ariene Wieber – January 18th 2018 (Germany)

Isabelle Orenius-Emanuelsson – October 2017 (Sweden)

Zeljko Gora – September 24/25th 2017 (in Austria)

Zeljko Gora – September 29/30th 2017 (in Austria)

Lisa Frick & Christian Wöss – September 17/18th 2017 (Austria)

Lisa Frick & Tereza Kralovà – August 19/20th 2017 (England)

Currently relocating to England, Emily hopes to make a career out of working with animals for films and TV, focusing on her photography, writing books, and of course, training Loki and teaching agility

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